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5 Quick Top Tips to DIY Digital Marketing

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Stop waffling and help me with my Digital Marketing!

It comes as no surprise that personal and professional lives have been shaken up over the last 18 months. Marketing budgets are tight or non-existant in some businesses but they need to market to kick start business and sales again. Here are 5 top tips I want to share that could help you slowly get back on your feet before you need to bring back in people like us!

1: Blog, blog, blog! If you have the facility on your website to blog, then do it. Talk about your industry, share tips and advice, talk about your brand or business. I will be the first to admit, I am not a writer but heck I give it a go! My grammar is terrible and so is my spelling – that’s why I use Grammarly! If you don’t have a website, there are services such as and even LinkedIn.

2: Share, share, share! Once you get your blog out there make sure that if you place your blog where ever you can! Get it over to your Facebook business page, and on your Google my business page, LinkedIn and more importantly get your ‘inner-network’ to share it for you! You will find that right now, more than ever people are helping people.

3: Facebook networking! If you are based in the UK and want to meet an incredible group of amazing people check out the UKNC on Facebook. If you are in the creative, web or marketing space there are a bunch of groups full of highly talented people such as The Admin Bar Community, Supercharge Your Web Agency & The Creative Pros Community to name a few. Go check them out and plenty more, you will be surprised how much opportunity there is out there that you can advertise your expertise for nothing but your time. Pro Tip: Don’t go in selling your services, offer advice and expertise, and get involved in the conversations.

4: Local Citations & Local Directories – Submit your website/business to local citations and business directories – as many as you can! Make sure you keep your information consistent as this will help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) out too. Citations & listings are services such as those found on this blog.

5: Google My Business: One of the first things to do (And make sure you get it right) is to submit your website to Google My Business. Why? Well, when users are ‘googling’ they are looking for a specific thing – if they are looking for your thing then you want to be found right? This takes no time at all, but make sure you set it up correctly! If you are not sure, get in touch with us!

It may not seem like there is a lot to all of this, but this will all take a lot of planning, time and plenty of commitment. But ultimately what we have discussed here is free to do. If you are strapped for cash and need to kick start your business engine back into life beyond this current COVID crisis, take these tips seriously and you will probably find they open up a whole lot of new opportunity for you!

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