Is it time to update your website?

Business owners often ask themselves “Is it time to update our website?” It’s a good question, for many companies the answer is yes! An outdated website can lead to missed opportunities, if your site doesn’t look current or fresh potential customers may assume you’re not either.

SEO methods explained in layman’s terms

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is seen as a bit of a dark art to the non-tech folk of the world. I am going to break down the techniques used and why each of them plays an important role in ensuring your website is found by your target audience.

Why is your website slow?

Is your website slow? Here is where I will share some tips on the possible reasons why your website is taking forever and day to load. Some are really easy and can be solved on your own, others will require a professional to jump on in and help you out.

WordPress vs Wix the Definitive 2020 Guide

Whenever you start a website, you're faced with the same question – what platform to build it on (In this case WordPress vs Wix). For those people how have built lots of websites in the past, they probably have a go-to platform they're comfortable with, but for everyone else, there are lots of options to choose between.

Why hire a website designer or digital agency?

With the huge rise over the last couple of years with tools such as Wix, Shopify, (Not to be confused with and so on there is this elephant in the room as to why you should still be hiring a web design professional or web team to design and develop your website vs the do it yourself approach.

5 FREE Top Tips to DIY Digital Marketing

Let me open this up by just saying that not just in the digital marketing space, we are all currently facing so many uncertainties in the world of business big or small. At NRCM we have had to witness some of our clients in certain industries close their doors not knowing if we will ever be working with them again, having difficult conversations with others who have had to strip back their spending to scrape past the 3 months from the initial lockdown. And here we are, it looks like the UK is slowly starting to get everything up and running by whatever means necessary.

Why do we use WordPress to design websites in 2020?

Websites need to be extremely flexible these days to flex with your business as your business grows. Back in the day when we first started making websites - it was all about that simple sidebar down the left, some content in the middle, and a couple of pages in the nav running along the top.

The Importance of Brand Consistency

Regardless of the size of your business, building and maintaining a consistent brand should be one of your top priorities. With a consistent brand in place, you will find it easier to not lose your business’s message, you’ll be able to unify disparate units within your business, and you’ll be able to establish a strong identity for yourself in your market.

COVID-19 Crisis: Time for Reflection and Positive Growth

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the world, the likes of which our society hasn’t experienced since WW2. At this time of uncertainty, it’s crucial that we all take some time to reflect on our lives. More importantly, we should all use this time of reflection to make plans for positive growth going forward into the future. By doing this, we will no doubt come out the other end of this ordeal stronger, healthier, and more financially secure than ever before.

Social Media Image Size Guide 2020

We have put together a simple yet comprehensive guide on what the recommended images sizes are for when you post out to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

How much does branding cost?

Whether your company is still in its startup stage or it has already reached the peak of its industry, it’s imperative that you never stop growing your brand. By creating a strong brand for your company, you will find it much easier to build customer recognition, you’ll maintain a competitive edge in your market, and you’ll enhance your reputation as a credible and trustworthy provider of services.

Design Experts vs. Do It Yourself in 2020

Do you want to give your company website a makeover? If so, you are soon going to face the ultimate dilemma — do you align yourself with design experts, or do you take on the task of designing the site yourself? To help you make a decision in this instance, be sure to check out all the below information and advice.