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COVID-19 Crisis: Time for Reflection and Positive Growth

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Here’s a bit of advice that you might find useful in this troubling time.

Find the positives

There’s not a whole lot of positivity floating around at the moment, that much is for certain. If you take a look below the surface, however, you will be sure to find some positives nestled beneath all the doubt and uncertainty.

For instance, the fact that more people are accessing the internet on a daily basis means that we now have the chance to showcase our abilities to a wider audience. More web users means a greater demand for expert web developers, which allows us to play our part in helping society to carry on in the face of adversity.

We’ve managed to find some positives in the traumatic time period that we are living in, and you can too!

Learn a new skill

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at? Do you want to embark on a new career once the world of work returns to normal? With all this spare time on your hands, you’ll never have a better opportunity to pick up a new skill.

If web design is the skill that you would most like to pick up, here are some of the things that you must do to hone your craft in this instance:

  • Start a website
  • Listen to podcasts that discuss web design topics
  • Become an effective communicator
  • Gets to grips with HTML
  • Play around with code
  • Learn to understand CSS
  • Apply your design skills to the web
  • Study websites that you engage with on a regular basis
  • Draw up a wireframe
  • Get comfy with SEO
  • Pay attention to user experience (UX)
  • Find yourself a mentor

Reflect on your career

Without any work commitments to attend to, you are now afforded the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career. Take some time to think about your job and consider all the positives it has on your life. Aside from the wage packet that you receive each month, is your job benefiting you in any other way? Is it satisfying you? Are you learning new skills on a daily basis? If, upon self-reflection, you come to the conclusion that your job is not particularly fulfilling, it might be time for you to embark on a career path.

Amid this coronavirus chaos, it’s easy to accentuate the negatives in life. Doing that, however, will not benefit you in the slightest. Now more than ever, it’s important that you reflect on your career and commit yourself to positive growth.

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