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Design Experts vs. Do It Yourself in 2020

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Going it alone

If your purse strings have been tightened by the financial uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused, yet you still need to design a website in 2020, you’re probably toying with the idea of going it alone. Of course, taking this route will allow you to circumvent the upfront cost of outsourcing this task to a design expert. This isn’t the only benefit that you stand to reap from partaking in a spot of DIY, though.

Here are two ways you can benefit from going it alone:

  • You know your business best, which means you will know what direction your website needs to be taken in
  • You’ll be able to implement your own ideas and work at your own pace

Partnering up with a professional

Using a professional web designer is obviously going to be a lot more expensive than giving it a go yourself. It’s crucial, however, that you don’t make your decision based solely on the size of the upfront cost. It’s more important to take your potential return on investment into account, as this is what is going to fill your pockets for years to come. Quite simply, if you don’t have the expertise required to build a website that is capable of drawing a long-term profit, you should align yourself with pro designers no matter how much they charge.

Here are just a few benefits that you will stand to reap should you partner up with an expert web designer:

  • The professional look and feel of your site will make a great first impression on first-time users
  • Your website will be equipped with all the latest design trends required to help you keep up with your competitors
  • More users will remain on your site and feel more inclined to purchase products from you, which in turn will reduce your bounce rates and boost your revenue
  • A web designer will know how to design your website with SEO in mind
  • Future functionality will be embedded into your website, meaning you will be able to tweak your site however you see fit to do so going forward
  • Your site will be far faster and a lot more dependable

As you can see, there are far more benefits to be reaped from aligning yourself with a design expert. Regardless of the upfront cost, it’s essential that you take your future profit potential into account. In other words, do not forgo long-term profit in favour of short-term savings!

Should you decide to play it safe and align yourself with a professional web designer, be sure to give us here at NR Creative Marketing a call. Our team of web development specialists will be sure to get your brand noticed in 2020.

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