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Web Excellence Award Winners 2022

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Ten days into a not so ”Blue January’January’, we received an inspiring email that announced our team at NRCM Web Design as the winners of a genuinely outstanding award. Even writing this feels incredible.

Words can’t quite describe the sheer joy experienced as we kicked the new year off to a winning start! We are so proud to announce that our digital agency, NRCM Web Design, is now the proud winner of the We Award for ”Web Excellence” in the Charitable Organisations/Non-Profit category. We are all still beaming with pride!

There are so many reasons why winning this incredible award has meant so much to us; however, one of the main reasons is that winning recognition of this standard (before we got the news) was part of a 5-year plan that we reached in just three years. The award was most certainly a pat on the back/celebratory air punch kind of moment for our fantastic team.

Each key member of our talented web design team is a firm believer in the art of goal setting, both short and long-term. Collectively, we agree on achievable goals and ensure that they are at the forefront of everyone’s attention. The logic behind this is that without such things in place, our feeling of purpose, motivation, and creativity flow would undoubtedly suffer. Without all of those key ingredients, our team and our business would not be where it is proud to be today.

The Journey To Winning

We seized the opportunity to enter the We Awards, and one of the main reasons they excited us so much has been their sole focus to drive excellence in web design and development. They are one of the very few awards that centre around this. Their values aligned with ours, and their mission to honour, recognise and acknowledge innovation and creativity resonated with us. They do a fantastic job at providing a benchmark for evaluating all media types and channels on the web.

Alongside this, the standard of winners from previous years blew us away a little (ok, maybe a lot). Our team felt the same desire to see our work brush (digital) shoulders with such talented creations.

Our Entry

Rightly so, with every outstanding award comes an arduous entry process! As a team, we apprehended the exceptional standard of competition that we would be facing in addition to the rigorous judging process. Truthfully, we believe this strengthened our determination to win.

Due to the calibre and variety of entries, the judging panel was a powerful combination of diverse, top-tier professionals. One entry within the process would be assigned to several great individuals on this impressive panel for in-depth evaluation.

With this in mind, our team had to collectively short-list and select the entry that we would be showcasing to the judges. All the while ensuring that we were hitting the criteria that included; creativity, functionality and technical execution. It would be safe to say that our entry had to hit the nail on several heads!

When we decided to enter the awards, we all had one website that lingered at the forefront of our minds. Our final choice landed on this website that every individual at NRCM is incredibly proud of for a non-profit client, ”The Content Marketing Association”. This customised, complex build required our team to work with precise requirements to enable various desirable features that included a members portal, showcase and an events system to set up workshops and training days. In addition to this, the website required our team to incorporate 3rd party podcast providers, digital events and an entire awards section, collecting information from new and existing users.

The task was a huge undertaking (secretly, we thrive off those). The Content Marketing Association has undoubtedly benefited from the custom development we are proud to deliver them.

You can view the entire website here:

Winning The Award

The judges awarded us for displaying an outstanding example of attention to detail, expertise and determination. Our entry of the CMA site allowed the judging panel to evaluate a variety of our abilities, working from a blueprint and allowing the clients’ users to benefit from all the aspects they desired in a website. We included functionalities that allowed them to use the site with ease, register for webinars, re-watch them, join events and much, much more!

Much to our teams’ delight, we received notification of winning on 10th January 2022. Our hard work in building the site and putting forward our entry to the We Awards group of top-tier professionals had paid off. The team’s immense, shared feeling of pride and determination allowed us to set out a new mission to win more.

That fire in our belly strikes again. So, watch this space!
What This Means For NRCM

As a Web Design Agency located in Northamptonshire, winning the ”We Award” will provide us with more visibility and an opportunity for more significant reach.

The accolade, combined with our fiver star ratings, allows our potential clients to feel confident that they are working with a high-quality, high-performance team of individuals.

Our team here at NRCM are incredibly proud to have won the award, the morale is so high, and it has meant the world to every one of us. We would love to continue this year on a high and achieve our goals sooner than planned; we all have that fire in our bellies again!

So, watch this space.

A note from our founder, Dan:

“What can I say! When I first set up NRCM Web Design, my overarching goal was to make this a success no matter what. I made the first move, quit my job and took a 100% pay cut before taking my work to my kitchen table. That didn’t last very long as I quickly moved to an office with a fantastic team (Covid had other plans for us). However, this didn’t derail our success, and we have gone from strength to strength. Now that we have won this award, we want more!”

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