Superior Dog Food

We’re always looking for new ways to showcase our skills and create work that aligns with our mission. Alpha is a NRCM passion project, the mission statement: dog owners looking for a superior dog food to power up their pup!


Our research showed that owners valued what ingredients their dog food had and age and breed played a huge part in the decision. We also wanted to incorporate the fun elements of being a dog owner, with bright colours and playful illustrations through the use of illustration.

The logo includes a dog paw print which is carried into the sub-mark, that even without the tagline you can identify it’s related to dogs. Each colour in the chosen palette has been carefully considered and linked with its age range of dog; blue for puppies, yellow for adults and green for seniors. If this line ever expands beyond just pet food owners be able to easily identify each product by their favourite hue!


We chose illustrated elements for the alpha branding to give life and playfulness to the products. The shapes used within the illustrations are abstract outlines of dog bowls with spilt biscuits.

Product Packaging

Social Branding

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