Chloe & Jack

Children's Boutique

Chloe & Jack Children’s Boutique was born out of business owner Becky’s love for her children and dressing them fashionably. The gap in the market had been spotted from a huge rise in Mums & Dads frequently posting their children on social media following new clothing trends. Chloe & Jack is set to become an emerging lifestyle and fashion boutique providing premium baby clothes, accessories, shoes – all handpicked by Becky herself.


It was very clear to us during our discovery sessions with the client and learning about her ambitions, that she needed a brand that would appeal to the specific market of new Mums and Dads of babies and toddlers who are active users of social media.

In order to deliver on the timeless, versatile and recognisable needs of the brand, we began our journey by looking at colour choices within the industry. When it came down to choosing a palette that was unique yet entirely fitting for this particular company’s identity, we found one in an array of colours that reflected each facet uniquely without being too overwhelming.

Logo Type - Full Colour

Logo Type - Full WHITE

Logo Type - White & Black

Web Design

As an entirely online-only retailer, Chloe & Jack Children’s Boutique demanded a website that focused on the target market and was intuitive.

The brand demands for this specific target market were met in full by our team of professionals who designed a responsive e-commerce site to make it easy for busy parents across all platforms.