CMA Rewind

The content marketing association

The Content Marketing Association is a partnership with a difference, not only do we provide ongoing design, marketing collateral, and web design services daily, NRCM also serves as a proud affiliated member with the CMA so we get to attend all of the amazing workshops, webinars and awards ceremonies held each year!


During 2020 we added a learning platform to The CMA’s website where they could showcase their wide range of content marketing webinars, offering up-to-date news and trends. Part of this included ‘Rewind’, which allowed users to register and watch previous webinars on-demand.  

The client wanted the logo to showcase the CMA red bubble and also allows the user to easily identify the new webinars from older content. In the design we played on the theme of rewind, which you can see in the logos below, we twisted the R and added in the classic rewind icon. 


We developed a webpage within the CMA’s website (see more information on the development of the site here), that allows users to easily navigate previous webinars across all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet. 

Social Graphics

When launching the Rewind webpage the CMA asked us to put together a series of social graphics to promote their most popular webinars. These spanned across all their social platforms.