The Content Marketing Association is a partnership with a difference, not only do we provide ongoing design, marketing collateral, and web design services daily, NRCM also serves as a proud affiliated member with the CMA so we get to attend all of the amazing workshops, webinars and awards ceremonies held each year! In their own words “The overarching aim of The Content Marketing Association is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool and showcase the channels it can be used for.” For more information about the products and services the CMA provides, you can go check out their website¬†here.

Web Design

Our first mission working with the CMA was to take over their web services. As an always-on business, this presented plenty of challenges when undertaking the huge task of not just designing but also redeveloping and reconstructing it.

We had originally set out to develop brand new areas of the website but as we delved deeper into the website, new content appeared, new pages were found and private areas for members were discovered not knowing what content was hidden behind Рthe existing website had lost its way, so much so we had to decommission it entirely and start from the very beginning. 


The devil is in the details somebody, somewhere once said. They were right! We began to make some serious calls on how we approached this beast, as not only did we have to design we needed to also develop brand new areas within the new website from the microsites and services that were linked to the existing website, such as a members areas, the ability to purchase a membership, gated content, awards archives, and so on. As always, we had decided early on before we took on this project that WordPress was going to be our only tool of choice for this job.