Transforming Mind Solutions

Transforming Mind Solutions provide specialist treatment for depression and other related conditions through the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a non-invasive neuromodulation treatment technique.


From our talks with TMS, it’s clear their main goal was to educate potential patients about the treatments they offer. Allowing patients to easily book sessions online. They also wanted to share their own history and knowledge of how they had personally developed the form of treatment.

We created a brand that is both professional and calming, using colours associated with medical industry. We made sure to keep the website easy-to-navigate for all users while paying attention to accessibility in our development process.

The TMS logo

The logo shows the left hemisphere of the brain. This is thought to be the side of the brain that is not functioning properly in depression. The grey stripe at the front represents the area that’s stimulated in rTMS treatment.

The flash of light over the grey area represents the diamond ring sign at the end of an eclipse of the sun. This is the point at which darkness is returning to light again. Patients tell TMS that coming out of depression with rTMS is like going from darkness to light and colour.

Online Assessment

The website also includes an online assessment, allowing users to fill out a questionnaire outlining symptoms. The information is sent directly to TMS and allows them the ability to gauge whether or not they can offer treatment for these problems without losing their one-to-one care. Including the online form means reaching potential patients who might feel uncomfortable on phone calls as well as streamlining internal processes at TMS while still maintaining the quality of service with every patient interaction.

See the full website here.

TMS online assessment