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SEO methods explained in layman’s terms

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SEO optimisation is a practice of development that should be handled by a professional to ensure that the work carried out doesn’t have a detrimental effect on your website.

1: Link Building

Link building has been and still is the backbone of your SEO strategy. By placing links on websites of trusted websites with a high DA (Domain Authority) you will make gains from the quality of their website. Google (& other search engines) will deem your website a reliable and quality website thus boosting your overall ranking pushing you towards that number 1 spot.

Do not ever buy backlinks under any circumstances as this is considered Black Hat and will over time penalise you and all of your SEO may as well be chucked out the window. Instead, reach out to bloggers/influencers/web owners with a high ranking to place a link on their website within their content that is relevant to your product or services. Additionally, place links on directories as these are quick wins you can easily do yourself.

2: On-Site Optimisation

Under the hood optimisation is important to any website, and it is essential if you want your off-site to pay off. the website needs to be developed correctly by using the correct markup for headers and content to ensure that Google can scan over it and check all is on order. Once Google is satisfied with the quality and care given to the development of your website, this will give you that little extra SEO boost you so desire.

One thing to ensure is that you use a reputable web developer or dev team to build your website so that the quality control is in place upon launch. So often, if you pay low budget non of this is every considered and just ‘thrown together’ with no care or consideration for the long term value of your website for your business or brand.

3: Content Creation

One thing Google strives to do is serve up websites based on the users’ specific requirements and TRIES to respond with a list of websites that answer the searches query as best it can.

So what has that got to do with Content Creation?

If the content on your website is rock solid in quality both readable for a human to understand exactly what you do and also full of necessary keywords to give Google a big wave to come take a look at your website this is a sure-fire way to attract searchers looking for your products or services.

4: Paid Search

You have most certainly heard of Google Ads or Facebook Ads. This is paid advertising. So when you spend some of your hard-earned money on some ads, you may or may not show up at the very top of the list (Paid ads require an expert to set up and configure them correctly) but each time a searcher clicks on the links you pay for it in the hope they are looking for what you provide. If you don’t invest wisely in allowing an SEO expert to manage these ads for you, well, you may as well go and spend your money on something much better like a holiday or a meal out with the family instead o just watching it disappear into the unknown (Google & Facebook bank accounts).

5: Local SEO

Often one of the most overlooked methods of SEO is Local SEO. Local SEO refers to you tailoring certain areas on and offsite to specific areas you operate in, so for instance on your website you may have a page setup trying to draw in traffic for people searching for your products in your area.

Additionally, it is so important to setup and configure your Google My Business business listing to ensure that again, if a prospective customer is seeking your product or services in your area, you will be the ones to show up! (Providing everything else is in order of course).

The do’s and dont’s

White Hat SEO

When we talk about hat colours and website and SEO you are probably thinking “What on Earth is this guy talking about?”. White Hat is a term which to a specific technique in your methods. So for instance we spoke about link building earlier on, do not ever buy them from a guy advertising them on these low cost solutions promising you thousands of ‘trusted’ backlinks for a fiver….Instead, work with trusted and reliable web team or SEO Expert.

Black Hat SEO

The dreaded black hat. It is very easy to undo all of your hardwork by either unknowingly fast tracking your website up the Google ranks by trying to cheat the system. The bottom line is SEO takes time, but it is worth it if you take the time and respect what your business does and wants to achieve.

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