Website Optimisation

Supercharging Your Website

Is your website costing you sales or lost custom? We can change that for you and get you back on track with a website that is slick, quick and to be proud of.

It is well documented that a person visiting your website will wait no longer than 3 seconds for the website to load.

It is critical that your website is fast as this leads to lost custom and sales without you even realising it. A poorly optimised website or slow web hosting is usually easily remedied and we have the expertise in-house to fix those issues for you.

What is the process?

The very first step is auditing your website.

We begin by auditing your website checking both mobile and desktop speeds. We discover what is causing the slow load times and provide you back with an honest report on what the issue is and how we intend on fixing it.

Fixing the problems.

We are very honest with providing you with the problems we discover. Once we have the knowledge and after presenting this to you will give you our best advice on how we fix the issues to ensure the problem does not continue to cause your business any more harm.

We seek out issues that are common in slow websites

Image Optimisation

Slow Hosting

65 bug

Coding Standards

51 floppy disk

Bloated Plugins