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Social Media Image Size Guide 2020

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Post TypeWidthHeightOrientation
Facebook Picture180px180px1:1
Facebook Cover Photo820px312px2.6:1
Facebook With Shared Link1200px628px1.91:1
Facebook Shared Image1200px630px3:2
Facebook Stories1080px1920px9:16
Facebook Collection Ads400px150px3:1
Facebook Newsfeed Ads1200px628px1.91:1
Facebook Carousel Ads1080px1080px1:1


Post TypeWidthHeightOrientation
Linkedin Profile Picture400px400px1:1
Linkedin Profile Banner1536px396px4:1
Linkedin Company Logo300px300px1:1
Linkedin Company Cover1128px191px5.9:1
Linkedin Update/Link1200px628px1.91:1


Post TypeWidthHeightOrientation
Instagram Profile Photo110px110px1:1
Instagram Square Image1080px1080px1:1
Instagram Landscape Image1080px566px1.91:1
Instagram Portrait Image1080px1350px4:5
Instagram Story Image1080px1920px9:16
Instagram IGTV Cover420px654px1:1.55


Post TypeWidthHeightOrientation
Twitter Profile Image400px400px1:1
Twitter Header1500px500px3:1
Twitter Tweet Image1200px675px16:9
Twitter Shared Link1200px628px1.91:1


Post TypeWidthHeightOrientation
Pinterest Profile Photo180px180px1:1
Pinterest Board Cover600px600px1:1
Pinterest Optimal Pin1000px1500px2:3
Pinterest Tall Pin1000px2100px1:2.1
Pinterest Square Pin1000px1000px1:1

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