The Environental Impact Of The Internet

6 Things We Can All Do To Help!

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Did you Know?

There are over 3.5 Billion users connected to the Web!

There is an estimated 3.5 billions users now connected to the web which means that this has actually led to the internets carbon footprint exceeding that of air travel.

Did you Know?

There are over 70 Million Servers

It is estimated that there are over 70 million known servers, many of which run on non-renewable energy. This has led to an increasing figure of 2% of all greenhouse gasses.

Did you Know?

Every second 20 milligrams of CO2 generated

Every second somebody browses a simple website there are roughly 20 milligrams of CO2 generated. For more complex websites this number increases to over 300 milligrams.

Did you Know?

6% of all global emissions are from the IT Industry

It is beleived there are over 3 Gigatons of stored data and communications across the world and this number is rising rapidly. The IT industry is responsible for over Gigatons of greenhouse gases which roughly translates into 6% of all global emissions.

6 Simple Tips We Can All Do!

Tip 1
Switch off your computer or device if you know that you will be longer than 2 hours.
Digital Ecology
Tip 2
If your laptop is fully charged and still plugged in then remove the power cable as this is known as vampire power.
Tip 3
If you are unable to fully turn off your device, put it int sleep mode. It uses less than half of the usual power consumption.
Sustainable energy
Tip 4
Where possible, use a smart phone to search as it uses far less energy than laptops or PC's.
Eco Thecnology
Tip 5
Review your email behaviours by limiting your "Reply All" messages and unsubscribing from newsletters you do not need.
Green Idea
Tip 6
Choose a web host that is conscious about the impact they have on the environment, like us!

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