Who Are We

Web Design Agency based in Northampton

We are a team of passionate web design artisans, ready to take your website to the next level

The Agency

Meet the Team

The people behind the projects.


WordPress web developer since 2003 & entrepreneur


Highly talented self taught designer and artist


Ultra organised & vital in keeping the team motivated


Specialist in SEO, Digital Ads and Google analytics


Chief barker keeping the place safe & secure

Our Story

We are Naughty Robot Creative Media - founded by Dan Barrett back in 2003 when he wanted to make a change in the website design world, focusing solely on WordPress Websites. His company remained nameless for quite some time as this was the most challenging part for Dan, it needed to have meaning. His toddler daughter at the time would often pay him little daily visits where she would say ‘Naughty Robot, Naughty Robot’ to the little robot that sat on Dan’s desk. This is how Naughty Robot Creative media was born, a name that had meaning to Dan and his family, yet still portrayed what they were offering. Dan’s little girl with limited vocabulary came up with the best name possible without even realising it. A robot has become the businesses mascot, and the robot which sparked the name creation still sits pride of place on dan’s desk, reminding us all how far we have come and where we come from.

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