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Why hire a website designer or digital agency?

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Stand our from the crowd

A web designer or web team worth their salt with design a website that is unique to you and your business/brand. By hiring professional services this will allow you to simply reel out all the wild ideas you have in your head, and we can tell you how this is achievable and what would be involved. If you took the approach to do this yourself, you would need to grab an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that thousands of others would have used (albeit you may change the logo and colours) so, you are not letting your business/brand shine.


As a professional web design agency or freelancer, we have access to tonnes of resources such as stock libraries, premium plugins, performance hosting etc etc the list goes on. So when you see that big ol’ figure on the proposal you really need to look hard at the numbers as it is more cost effective than you think. If you took the DIY approach, you would need to pay for the images (often very expensive), pay for the plugins (monthly or annually) and likely to choose inadequate (Because it is probably the cheapest option) hosting that you will be locked into for the next 50,000 years.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Finally, One of (still) the most overlooked aspects of the web development process. Even if you managed to design yourself a nice looking website, it still needs to be found. I always use the analogy of “It’s like building the best hotel in the world, inside it has everything you could ever want and its cheapest place to stay” but here comes the snag, it’s built in a hidden location with no sign posts. SEO is an absoulte must for a professional web/marketing team to manage. You can perform SEO tasks yourself, of course, but would you rather not be spending your precious time running your business and letting the customer roll in?

The Round-Up

Despite the rise and surge the DIY tools out there, just be mindful that the attractive price point isn’t all that attractive when you are serious about your business or brand. My personal view is that the builders are ok for a very simple website that’s offering nothing more than a little bit of information about you or your very small business. Yes, there are arguments to suggest there are some very successful businesses out-there using said platforms, but we don’t know exactly has gone on behind the curtain. Contact us today if you are serious about your business or brand.

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