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What are the 3 main types of websites?

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As with many things in life, not all things are made equal. The same applies to website design and development too. When deciding on needing a new website the very first question is “what type of website do you require?” In this post, we will talk about the 3 main types of websites that each serve their very own unique purposes.

Brochure Website

What is a brochure type of website?

Most businesses would require what is known as a brochure website. These types of websites contain a series of pages that gives your audience details about your service offering. These websites tend to have little in the way of complexity and more often than not will comprise of the main homepage, about page, contact page, and landing pages detailing the business’s services.

Which type of business is best suited to a brochure website?

The advantage of this type of website is that the list of industries is endless, the subject matter can almost be anything. The purpose of a brochure website is to provide information about your business and generate leads by way of contacting you in whatever your business requires whether that is via a contact form, a live chat, or even by telephone.

How much does a brochure website cost?

There is no set rule as to how much any type of website costs and this will vary from every web developer and web agency you speak to. As we look at every client case-by-case we can guide you enough to suggest that our website design Mirco Package is likely going to be a good starting point for a guide price for a brochure website type.

Examples of Brochure Websites:

E-commerce Website

What is an e-commerce type of website?

An e-commerce website allows business owners needing to sell products online a platform in order to do just that. An e-commerce website can sell anything from a handful of products to running into the hundreds of thousands.

Which type of business is best suited to an e-commerce website?

Any business that is looking to either sell solely online either physical or digital goods will require an e-commerce website, physical stores will often have an e-commerce website to extend the service offering to a much wider audience too. As with brochure websites and e-commerce websites can often be suited to an infinite amount of types of business providing there are goods to be sold.

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

An e-commerce website can vary in price vastly and this largely depends on the size and scale of the current stock required to sell, does the website needs to be integrated into other 3rd party services, the setup and configuration of categories, brands, the postage rules and so on. As you can tell there is a huge amount of work that is required in creating an e-commerce website. As a guide price take a look at our website design prices specifically between the Mega and Giga packages.

Examples of E-commerce Websites:

Dynamic/Hybrid Website

What is a dynamic or hybrid type of website?

Dynamic or hybrid websites would comprise of not just one single component like in the example above, but may include both a brochure aspect, an e-commerce aspect and also with the addition of a content management system to manage events, resources, listings, members, tutorials, the list is endless.

Which type of business is best suited to adynamic or hybrid website?

Some good examples of businesses or industries that require a dynamic hybrid website are those with specific requirements such as an employment recruitment service in being able to create a job listing and for candidates to apply, manage, and monitor this. Another example would be a car dealership needing the ability to place ads of cars on the website including all of the necessary details against each vehicle and maintaining the available cars.

Much like the other examples, the types of business that would require a more complex website is endless, however, as the landscape of buyers shopping habits changes the hybrid website has seen a huge surge in the requirement as a business are needing to shift their own model to continue to operate.

How much does adynamic or hybrid website cost?

As with an e-commerce website, the investment made into a dynamic or hybrid website varies depending on the scope required. The more complex and intricate the website is the more investment will be required. There may be a requirement for custom plugin development, additional plugins required, additional planning, and scope needed. Again, as a general overview of the type of prices or investment needed head over to our website design price guides for a clearer picture of what your project may require.

Examples of Dynamic/Hybrid Websites:

Messenger messenger
Instagram instagram