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Why is your website slow?

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1: Optimise your images

This one is probably the most common reason why your website is taking an age to load. When your website is built on WordPress or similar, it is easy to just upload n image without any thought on how big the image is. To combat this would be to first check the image dimensions and file size before you upload it:

  • Scale the image down in size (Think about where the image is going to be used).
  • Save as an appropriate format i.e. jpg or png.
  • Use a tool such as TinyPng for some compression on the image to shave down the file size before upload.
  • If your website is WordPress powered, then use a plugin such as SMUSH and this will automate the process upon upload.

2: Invest in reliable hosting

When it comes to hosting there are a million and one options out there, and it is very easy to jump into a hosting platform that promises unlimited everything – but don’t be fooled.

If you are setting up a simple website with no bells or whistles, fine, a cheap hosting solution is capable of serving that website with no issues at all, but that is as far as that will take you. Instead, if you are are serious about your website and wanting your customers to have a really good experience then make sure that you d your homework in choosing the right hosting. If you work with a web agency be sure to ask them where your website is being hosted.

We are proud to say we are committed to partner with Kualo, based in the UK and our website are all powered from their data centers on renewable energy.

3: Setup Caching correctly

Again, if your website is developed on top of WordPress there are plenty of options when it comes to caching plugin options, however, there is a distinct difference in just mindlessly finding a plugin, installing and activating it and hoping for the best. The plugin needs to be properly configured to ensure your website loads fast and efficiently. This is there you will likely need a professional web developer or team to come in an assist.

If your website is painfully slow and you are all out of ideas, contact us here or give us a call on 01604 385064 or drop us an email to and we would love to take a look under the hood of your website and get it running how it should be!

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