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Why do we use WordPress to design websites in 2020?

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Websites are complex, they need to look beautiful and work on a million and one different devices. So we need a CMS (Content Management System) that can give us a solid platform to kinda’ let us do what we want, be easy enough for our client to manage and also cut out a whole chunk of time to save the client a load of money – so that’s when we landed up using WordPress.

Let’s get some myths about WordPress out the way first…

WordPress is ‘out-of-the-box’ good for SEO, OK. It does need plugins – our choice for the job over the last couple of years is a relatively new player called Rank Math SEO. Without getting into too much detail within this post, we just like how it works and how much you get for nothing…

WordPress is not secure, WordPress gets hacked all the time. When a platform dominates over 30% of the internet real-estate there are going to be a tonne of websites out there that have been set up on crappy hosting and been set up with the username and logins as ‘admin-admin’ or ‘admin-password’ – So no, WordPress is perfectly fine, this one is down to the user on this one. Plus, there are a whole bunch of plugins that can help, we recommend WordFence if you need to bolster the doors. Again, this is a free plugin with a bunch of features that will keep your website safe.

WordPress is slow. right. Like anything in web design (regardless of the way you build it), if you opt to go cheap hosting that isn’t primed for the platform you are using, it’s gonna’ be slow. We have built e-commerce websites with 10s of thousands of products and it’s been loading in rapid time. We opted to partner with UK based hosting provider which use LiteSpeed servers and LSCache to provide high performing results. Furthermore, as part of our environmental responsibilities as a digital business, we host all of our websites on renewable energy servers. #GoGreen #SaveThePlanet

So what can we do with WordPress?

With anything, yes, there are limitations. However, we have yet to come across something that can’t be done. We have designed 100s of websites for business big and small all over the world, ranging from a typical brochure website, e-commerce stores, and even client portals and dashboards. WordPress in recent years has adopted a new wave of plugins that make it super flexible in how the website will eventually look by allowing the web designer tools to get really creative and almost limitless possibilities.

The wrap up.

We hope this gives a little nugget of insight into why WE use WordPress and hopefully you can see the benefits for yourself. This article is by no means a comparison piece because there, of course, other services out there such as Wix, Shopify & Magento – they all have their place in the ecosystem of the world wide web, but we don’t use them so I’m not going to talk about them today, but go check them all out for sure!

If you want to learn more about our processes or what we can do for you and your website, please get in touch with us today by heading over to our contact page or calling us on 01604 385064 or dropping us an email to

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